"Ninād" combines the Sanskrit words "ni" (within) and "nād" (sound).

"Ninād" is the "sound within" that denotes the origin of all Creation.

We strive to evoke that same spirit of innovation in our Composition and Training services

we weave
Music * Movement * Mind

'Ta Na Na' is a song composed with only musical phonetics with the participation of 60 children with special needs and their 10 special educators at Special School for the Children with Mental Retardation, CERTH-India Hospital, Pondicherry. This song development was part of our presentation made at 4th International IAMM Conference (Beijing, China, June 2016).

'Ode to Coromandel Forest' is a musical walk-through the Forest that needs to be re-nurtured along our south-east coast of India. This musical ode is the theme of a short film 'A Vision of the Coromandel Forest', narrated and produced by Joss Brooks of Pitchandikulam Forest, Auroville, south India.

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